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About Chef Stephanie, Personal Chef Houston


About Chef Stephanie, Owner/Head Chef

Personal Chef in Houston

Chef Stephanie has been passionate about cooking for as long as she can remember.  As a child, she regularly traveled to England to stay with her grandparents. She has many fond memories of assisting her grandparents in the kitchen. Because of these experiences, this Houston chef would grow up to love both food and travel.


Chef Stephanie’s Experience 

Chef Stephanie has over 13 years' experience in the foodservice industry.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Houston, and while working at Baylor College of Medicine's Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC), she realized that cooking was her one true passion. She then returned to school to attend the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Houston.  During her time at the Art Institute, she remained an honor student and was one of the lucky few to attend a culinary trip to China to study abroad furthering her love of combining food and travel.

For many years, Chef Stephanie worked a full-time job while raising a small child, so the difficulty of getting healthy meals on the table was a reality for her - even given her background and passion for cooking!  She has met so many people in a similar situation, or who just generally dislike cooking. She realized that her training, talents, and travel experiences could be used to help others and started “Dinners at Your Leisure.” 

With Dinners At Your Leisure, we want to provide an experience for our families of new flavors and cuisines. We want to offer in-home meal preparation services that remind our clients of their travels with recreations of cuisines they’ve had while abroad. We also want to offer culinary services that simply give our clients the joy of being together without stress or worry. 

Chef Stephanie’s passion for food and travel have finally been realized. Through her personal chef services in Houston, she is able to keep the traditions and travel experiences of both her family and yours alive. She does this by uniquely incorporating dishes and flavors into her clients’ meals and catering. Our team is constantly growing with like-minded chefs who share the same passions and vision. Looking to hire a chef in Houston? Be sure to give our services a try.

Awards, Media and Certifications
ServSafe and Texas Food Manager certifications
Member of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) 
2018 & 2016 Best Personal Chefs in Houston, Expertise.com
2016 Chef Spotlight, FriendsEAT.com
2016 Food Photo of the Year Winner, United States Personal Chef Association