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“To finally have a proper curry is something amazing.”

--Meghan Markle, Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex

When status quo simply won’t do and the meal you serve must create an absolutely unforgettable experience, a curry party must be planned.  

Picture this:

...scrumptious food that beckons loved ones to ask for seconds (and thirds)

...captivating stories and hearty laughter

...the best of friends sharing the best of life

This is a curry party. It’s fun in a pot. And your chance to party like never before. 

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The History Of Curry Parties

My grandfather, a British WWII Veteran and Japanese POW survivor, moved his family from England to Singapore after the war. They made fast friends with fellow ex-patriots, and fell in love with the local cuisine--especially the curry.  

It didn’t take long for my grandfather to concoct his own version of Singapore curry, which he loved to prepare and then share with like-minded friends while exchanging war stories, memories of home, and dirty army jokes. 

Little did he know, his curry parties would become a cherished family tradition--one that would transcend intercontinental moves, span 3 generations (and counting) and bridge families, friends and food for decades to come.  

This secret family recipe, which I’ve sprinkled with my own flair, is a perfect fusion of European & Asian cuisine adorned with sambals (toppings) that enhance its unforgettable flavor and make this dish a favorite of all who try it. 

Host A Curry Party

How It Works:

We will arrive at your home in advance of your guests’ arrival to begin preparing the meal. The first thing they’ll smell when they walk in the door is the amazing aroma of fresh, homemade curry wafting through the air! 

Following your pre-selected presentation style, the curry will be plated for your guests or presented family style. Rice, colorful sambals (toppings) and breads will be arranged on the table for guests to share.

Feast, celebrate and indulge yourself in the unforgettable experience that’s made Curry Parties a hit for three generations. 

What Others Have Said About Our Curry Parties:

“This is not your normal catered event! A must try!” - Ray P.

“It’s something different to do as a family.” - Penelope F. 

“Perfect & unique team building event!” - Lithida E.

“We loved getting to try something different and a new cuisine.” - Hilary S.

Find The Fun In Your Food. 

Schedule a Curry Party! 

*Appetizer and dessert options will also be discussed ahead of time and prepared on-site.*