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Personal Chef Service, Houston

Personal Chef Services and Pricing

Personal Chef Service
  • Our personal chefs provide you with more than just meals, we simply make food easier for you. How much time in a given week do you spend thinking about what you are going to eat and where you are going to get it from? How much time is spent fighting the crowds at the grocery store to simply bring it home and not cook it? We take the struggle, frustrations and guilty feelings around food completely away. We are extremely well versed in special dietary needs and especially “discerning” children and spouses. The struggle is over. No more dishes either. Let us take it from here.

  • We pride our ourselves to go beyond the traditional prepared meal delivery or even traditional personal chef model as we have many private chef clients that want a certain lifestyle and service standard. We make sure to follow these same                                                                   principals in our personal chef services as well.

What sets our personal chef service apart from other services:

  • Variety: Unless requested otherwise, you will be offered a new and unique menu every service and will not see a repeated menu item for at least 6 months. Our focus is on tasting the world through food as our clients travel often and want to reminisce about a past travel experience, which means we are well versed in all flavors, cuisines and ingredients.

  • Customization: we personalize and prepare food to each member of your family but more importantly to your lifestyle. After all, if it does not fit your lifestyle then why bother? There are no standard pre-set menus across all clients, as each client is unique.

  • Time: you will not have to prep, cook (outside of simple heating), wash dishes, go to the grocery store or pick anything up. The meals will be waiting for you! Our meals are fully prepared and only take 20 minutes in the oven to be ready to eat in the container they come in. It is not a bunch of ingredients that are prepped for you but you still have to cook. Who has time for that?

  • Quality: we use high quality and fresh, natural and organic ingredients purchased the morning of your cook date.

Our personal chef service includes:

  • An initial consultation in your home so we can get to know you and your family better, your service needs, and to learn the space in which we’ll be working
  • Customized and personalized menu planning based on your family’s unique palate and preferences
  • Grocery shopping
  • All meals prepared in your home and placed in your refrigerator with simple finishing instructions for best quality and taste. You are literally only 20 minutes away from eating once you arrive home.

Who loves our services?

  • Busy professionals
  • Families with active lives
  • People who don't like to cook
  • Anyone who wants to eat healthier
  • New moms
  • Those undergoing surgery/medical recovery
  • Those who want to give a friend or loved one a special gift (gift cards are available)


Our Personal Chef Meal Preparation Services are completely personalized and customizable to fit your lifestyle needs. Prices start at a chef fee of $250 plus the cost of groceries. Our pricing includes customized menu planning, customized grocery shopping, preparation of meals, packaging and complete kitchen clean up. You no longer have to go the grocery store, cook, do dishes or clean the kitchen. We can prepare breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and desserts.

Pricing is customized based on meals desired and level of customization. The majority of clients create their own personal chef service to fit their lifestyle.

A few popular options are listed below:

3 entrées/2 servings plan:

  • 3 entrees with side dishes, 2 portions of each. (6 total dinner portions)
  • $225 + the cost of groceries
  • This option provides 3 nights of dinner for two.

3 entrées/4 servings plan:

  • 3 entrees with side dishes, 4 portions of each. (12 total dinner portions)
  • $250 + the cost of groceries
  • This option provides 3 nights of dinner for a family of four or 6 nights of dinner for two.

5 entrées/4 servings plan:

  • 5 entrees with side dishes, 4 portions of each. (20 total dinner portions)
  • $325 + the cost of groceries
  • This option provides 5 nights of dinner for a family of four or 10 nights of dinner for two.
Additional Services:

  • Semi-private chef services (meals prepared and served immediately in home, often combined with Personal Chef Meal Preparation Services). Please contact for pricing and more information - availability is limited.

  • Boutique caterings and dinner parties. Contact directly for more information.