Dinners at Your Leisure

Personal Chef Service, Katy & West Houston, Texas

Personal Chef Services and Pricing

Personal Chef Service

Chef Stephanie will prepare restaurant quality meals for you and your family to enjoy at your leisure.  Each meal will be customized for you and your family and will be prepared and packaged in your home with specific heating instructions.  No more planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning.  Your chef will take care of everything!

Personal Chef  Weekly Meal Preparation Service Fees

Entrees w/ Side Dish*
3 Meals
4 Meals
5 Meals
*   Each meal includes one protein main course and one starch or vegetable side dish with 4 servings per meal. 

For additional meals (i.e. breakfast, lunch, or snacks) or additional servings (for families of 6 or more), please contact Chef Stephanie for your customized service fee quote.

Dinners at Your Leisure Chef Services Include:

  • Consultation.  Your chef will meet with you and your family to assess your needs, food allergies and intolerances, and general food likes and dislikes.
  • Personalized menu planning tailored to you and your family's preferences and dietary requirements.
  • Grocery shopping.  Your chef will purchase the ingredients for your meals fresh the morning of your cook date.  
  • Food preparation and packaging.  Your Personal Chef will prepare the meals in your home and package everything with specific heating instructions.  You will have home cooked meals in a matter of minutes!  All meals are prepared and packaged according to current food safety standards to ensure the best quality and health of our clients.
  • Equipment.  Your chef provides their own equipment to use.  Utensils, pots & pans, baking sheets, knives, blender, rice cooker, etc.  All you need is a kitchen with a stove and oven.
  • Pantry.  The chef maintains their own portable pantry that includes high quality spices, oils, flours, vinegars, condiments and other kitchen staples.
  • Clean kitchen.  Your chef will always leave your kitchen as clean as they found it - if not cleaner!  They even provides their own cleaning supplies.  Imagine coming home to a clean kitchen smelling of delicious food without you having to lift a finger!
  • Less stress and more free time. The time normally spent deciding what to make for dinner, grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking can now be used doing something you wish you had more time for!
What is Not Included:

  • Groceries.  Food bought specifically for your meals will be reimbursed at cost.  There is no charge for items that are part of the chef's portable pantry.
  • Storage containers.  The type of storage containers required will be assessed at the initial consultation.  This will be a one-time fee unless replacement containers are needed in the future.
  • Special diets under medical professional supervision. If a consultation with a nutritionist or medical professional is required, additional fees may apply. This will be discussed at your initial consultation.
Additional Services:

  • Need dog food, toilet paper or juice boxes for the kids?  Make a list and your Personal Chef will pick them up while they are shopping.  This fee will vary depending on the amount of items and some restrictions do apply. Inquire about this service at your initial consultation.
  • Gift certificates. Dinners at Your Leisure gift certificates make great gifts for baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, teacher gifts, get well soon/condolences, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, housewarming or any occasion!
  • Chef Stephanie also provides private chef services (meals prepared and served immediately). Please contact for pricing and more information - availability is limited.