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Personal Chef Service Testimonials

"Chef Steph has been working with my family for about 3 months now. She has truly been a lifesaver!! My husband and I started our own business and we also have a Terrific (not terrible,lol) Two year old. Needless to say, there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it all. On Monday mornings Chef Stephanie shows up promptly and fully equipped to prepare delicious meals to last us the entire week. We discuss menu selections the week before, and she pays close attention to the likes and dislikes of the entire family. For anyone who may have a similar situation as mine or who may just want a scrumptious meal for a special occasion, I'd recommend you contact Chef Stephanie. God Bless" ~Nisha, Katy TX

"We started looking for a personal chef about one month ago. Another chef recommended Chef Stephanie and we hired her. She is an awesome cook and we have really saved so much money having her help us in this way. Her food is delicious and she will fix anything you want. We have started eating healthier and the kids have stopped eating out so much. I would recommend Chef Stephanie to anyone who is looking for great healthy meals. We love her!!" ~Audrey S., Katy TX

"I have been looking for someone to help plan and prepare meals for a very long time. Finally, I discovered Stephanie here at Dinners at Your Leisure and I am so glad I did. She buys the groceries needed and comes to my house and prepares them here. She's very unobtrusive. I hardly know she's here. She involves me in the planning, keeps notes on my likes and dislikes, then prepares meals for me. I couldn't ask for more. It's a partnership that is working out really well." ~ Mary Gayle, Katy TX

"This was our 1st time working with a professional chef to prepare healthy meals. The entire family thoroughly enjoyed our meals. The meals were great and even pleased my 9 year old who is a picky eater. We will definitely continue working with Chef Steph-not to mention she's a member of the C-4 Crossfit Family-an added bonus!!" ~ Toni, Richmond TX

"As my daughter said, that was the best meal I have ever eaten at Grandmas house! For me, I like specifics and details. The turkey was the most succulent tender breast I have ever eaten. The green bean casserole was delicious! I particularly liked how the green beans were very firm yet cooked. The mushrooms and glazed onions along with the white sauce made for a fresh approach to the casserole. Usually people use canned green beans and cream of mushroom soup. That combination not only tastes processed it lends its self to an additives after taste. On to the scalloped potatoes, tasty and just right. I only had one slice because I had to make food choices on my carbs and those fresh yeast roles overrode the potatoes. The Yeast roles... Yikes! Totally awesome, delicish, and well worth the carb choice! Wow, the best.The salads was fresh and a perfect choice for the meal. Dressing excellent. We over cooked the ham a little but seriously it didn't stop us. Some of the best I ever tasted. Mmmmm, let's see, what next? The Lemon Tart was Devine! Very rich, sweet and tart. A small slice was just the right amount. It was like having a lemon bar in an entire pie. Yummy.The children all ate very well. My Grandson chomped on the ham and macaroni and cheese. My Granddaughter ate the turkey. My niece ate well also, so she could get some candy. Avery my granddaughter almost 2 ate all but one bite of the adorable marshmallow and rice crispy treats! My brother had thirds. My Son in law ate heaping seconds that put him down for a nap and Mom, Sister, Niece and myself were pleased! All 8 of us adults and 3 toddlers. Happy Easter, and Thank you!" ~ Nancy L., Houston TX

"My kids & I just finished our first meal & they cleaned their plates!

It was so nice to come home to a clean kitchen, pretty flowers, kind card & best of all...the smell of something delicious!

Today was the first day in "I don't know how long" that I didn't worry myself all day with the burden of preparing a home cooked meal. I felt assured that my children were going to get to eat at home, in peace, together & something nutritious!

So, I feel today was a success! Later tonight when my husband arrives home, I have no doubt he will approve, too!" ~ Toni Y., Katy TX